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Kinetic Concepts, LLC

who we are

Kinetic Concepts is a tactical and firearms training group who provides advanced levels of tactical and firearms training in Houston, Texas to both police officers and civilians.

All of the instructors with Kinetic Concepts training group are active law enforcement officers who operate on tactical teams within the City of Houston, Texas.


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cultivating a community of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in dominating violent encounters.

the mission

The firearms and tactical training officers receive at their department is often infrequent and inadequate. Police training is often times created through a long administrative process that is either approved or denied by those who have never been involved in critical incidents.


We do not believe that only specialized units should have access to higher levels of tactical and firearms training in Houston, Texas. Rarely do specialized units arrive first to the most critical incidents.

More than a class. Community.

Civilians NEED a legitimate path to learn and understand how to become confident and accurate shooters.


We give officers and civilians the information they need to discover their process for arriving at the point where marksmanship matters. Houston has 150 percent higher violent crime compared to the Texas average and 170 percent higher than the rest of the country.


We provide a basic handgun class in Houston, Texas which includes handgun safety and marksmanship.

We encourage responsible gun ownership and for Houston residents to legally carry. You have the right to protect yourself and your loved ones from being a victim of violent crime. The average police response time to a violent crime in Houston is approximately 5.4 minutes. These incidents are usually over in a matter of seconds. It is your responsability to protect yourself and your family.

We offer a simple and easy way to receive your Texas License to Carry online. Our online Houston LTC course is approved statewide. You can take the classroom portion of your Texas license to carry online at your own pace and at your convenance. Once you complete our Hoston Online LTC class you will receive your LTC-101 certificate. You can then take the shooting portion of the Texas license to carry course with any certified instructor near you.

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