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You provide the location; we provide the training.

There is no better place to train than the location YOU are responsible for safeguarding.

Our individual response to active shooter training course is a closed course designed to specifically fit the client's needs and requests. This course is open to law enforcement, security officers and any civilians that want to increase their chances of survival and ensure they are capable of protecting the lives of those around them.

Between 2000 and 2019 of the 333 active shooter incidents, 44 percent of active shooters occurred in a commercial environment and 18 percent occurred in a place of education. The remaining incidents took place in residential settings, houses of worship, health care facilities, and open spaces and other locations. 


  • 41 of the incidents that occurred on commercial property closed to pedestrian traffic-that is, private properties primarily functioning in commerce without daily pedestrian traffic. 

  • 96 of active shooter incidents occurred on commercial property open to pedestrian traffic-that is, private properties with the primary function of making buying, or selling goods or providing services.


The average police response time is 8 minutes.


Those witnessing the active shooter have the best information to mitigate the threat and prevent or stop the killing.

Active Shooter Training Houston
Active Shooter Medical First Aid

The length of the course is client dependent. We suggest a minimum of an 8-hour day in order to receive as much information as possible. All training equipment is provided.

Course Outline

  • Active shooter data indicating probabilities, statistics and likelihoods of active shooter tendencies.

  • Equipment considerations.

  • Environmental considerations.

  • Fundamental principles when responding to an active shooter.

  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB) fundamentals. 

  • Hostage rescue fundamentals. 

  • Emergency medical equipment (Provided)

  • Emergency medical application.

There are no prerequisites. ​

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