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This is a civilian handgun training course in Houston, Texas. We welcome ALL people from low skill level to no skill level to take this basic pistol course. This is a very basic handgun course that is designed to introduce civilians to handguns and build their confidence with handgun safety, manipulation and accuracy.


We understand that you may have a limited understanding of handguns and we are willing to work with you. The instructors teaching this course are active law enforcement officers who operate on tactical teams in Houston, Texas. We depend on our weapon systems, and we want to give you the confidence to depend on yours.

This is a great beginners handgun course if you are interested in pursuing a license to carry in Houston, Texas.

You will not find an 8-hour pistol course for civilians at this price anywhere in Houston. Our instructors are young and motivated officers who apply the techniques taught through real world application daily.

Students 17 years of age and younger MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is ALSO taking the course,