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houston LTC online

This License to Carry Class Online is the official class you need to receive your Texas license to carry (Texas LTC). This online license to carry class is 4 hours in length and is legally required to receive your LTC. 

License to Carry online class has a great advantage over taking the class in person. Instead of driving and sitting in a classroom for 4 hours, you are able to take this online license to carry class at your own pace on any device including your phone.

After enrolling in this Houston online LTC class for only $49 you will have access to the material 24/7, accessible at your convenience. Your session will be saved when you stop, and you can pick up exactly where you left off when you are ready.









ltc holder benefits

  • Campus Carry

  • School Zone Carry

  • Carry In 37 States

  • Peace of Mind When Carrying

  • Interactions With Law Enforcement

  • Bypass Background Check When Buying Guns

  • Protection If Carrying Past No Gun Signs

  • Learn The Carry Laws

  • The Legal Protection A LTC Provides

  • Fewer Restrictions

  • The LTC Is A Legal Form of ID

  • Trespass Protection

texas license to carry 

Any resident of Texas can take our online license to carry class. When you complete our online license to carry class you will immediately receive your LTC-101, which is your certificate of completion of the license to carry online.

ltc  range qualification

Once you complete the online LTC course you will receive your LTC101. You can take your LTC101 to any certified License to Carry instructor near you to complete the range portion.

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