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high risk
vehicle encounters

small team tactics

The likely hood of you being involved in a shooting in or around your vehicle is high. The purpose of this course is to give officers the process required to engage a lethal threat from their vehicle without shooting through their windshield. During a lethal encounter any time spent doing something you don't know will work is time wasted.

When you waste time during these encounters you place yourself in an unmanageable or unwinnable situation.

What your department has taught you during these encounters is and administrative approach that does not account for what will kill you first. 

How many times has an instructor shown you through bodycam footage, officers failing at a tactical skill repeatedly during lethal engagements? I don't know of any "tactical" class (or otherwise) where an instructor can show you the problem during real life engagements and also give you the information/skillset you need to dominate these encounters and achieve desired results with predictable outcomes.

We understand that CQB is all the craze, and it needs to be an important part of your skillset. But there is a much higher chance you will be involved in a shooting in or around your vehicle than you will when you make entry into an objective. Your vehicle is the most likely place that you will encounter people who want to kill you.

Do not neglect this skill.

We will give students the process they need to guarantee hits and stop the threat immediately upon contact. Once officers understand the individual skills required to execute the technique, they will begin coordinating as a team to conduct vehicle and open-air takedowns.


Day 1 - Indvidual Skills
Day 2 - Team Skills

Active LEO or Active Duty Military Only  

7555 Dripping Springs Rd
Denison, TX 75021

  • 200 US dollars
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