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Do I Need an LTC in Texas?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Do I need an LTC in Texas?

Yes and No.

Should I have an LTC in Texas? Yes, you should. But do you need a license to carry in Texas? Well, technically no. But it really depends on several factors. June 26, 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 1927 which is known as the Firearm Carry Act of 2021.

HB 1927 allows citizens to OPENLY carry a firearm (Pistol). However, without a Texas License to Carry you will still have some restrictions.

But why do I NEED an LTC in Texas?

The answer to this question may surprise you.

Let’s talk tactics. It doesn’t seem like a very good idea to advertise the fact that you are carrying a pistol. From both a civilian and law enforcements perspective. You must remember that although it is your constitutional and legal right to openly carry a firearm it may not be your best option. Although you believe you are a competent and responsible gun owner, unknowing or uneducated citizens may think otherwise.

I do not NEED an LTC. That is a correct statement. But having one can keep yourself out of unwanted and unwarranted situations. Citizens calling the police on you, and even worse, incompetent officers showing up to interact with you. Although they should know that you do not need an LTC in Texas to openly carry a pistol, there is always a chance (and a good chance) that the officer does not know how to handle the situation.

There are many examples out there of police officers handling these types of situations inappropriately. Rightly, or wrongly, this is not a situation you want to find yourself in. This can be a major inconvenience and avoidable if you had Texas license to carry.

There are also many examples of citizens who are openly carrying a pistol being disarmed. As police officers we are constantly paying attention to what is going on around us. Mostly because we are in a uniform, which is a target indicator to some bad guys. But also, because we are advertising a weapon (Pistol) to anyone who may be interested in disarming us.

Why would that mean I need an LTC in Texas?

Well, here’s the thing. Most citizens who carry a firearm likely are not hyper aware of their surroundings. Also, why would you want to be? Do you want to have to stand in a bladed stance with your firearm facing the countertop as you are checking out at the gas station register?

Maybe you do. But I only do that when I am openly carrying a firearm in public while in uniform because I know the risk if I don’t. When I am concealed carrying a pistol off duty, I am still aware of my surroundings, but I am not concerned about someone attempting to disarm me.

Another reason you would want to conceal your firearm is that you are making yourself a noticeable target. If someone around you is committing a criminal act, and they notice you have a firearm they will likely immediately feel the need to address you. Whereas if you had a Texas License to Carry and were carrying concealed, they may disregard you all together.

Receiving your Texas online License to Carry has never been easier. Taking the classroom portion online instead of driving to a location to sit in class for 4 hours seems like a no brainer.

Bottom line, you NEED an LTC in Texas because it protects from unforeseen trouble.

Click the link below to get started.

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