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LAPD Bodycam Shootings

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Below you will find a list of LAPD Bodycam Shootings that have been critiqued by Kinetic Concepts. There is no aspect of policing that is more important than pulling the trigger. Doing so has consequences which can often times be undesirable. It is by no means a process that should be taken lightly. Also understand while critiquing LAPD Bodycam shootings, we are doing so with the information as we perceive it and we do not always get it right.

It's important to understand that LAPD shootings along with other police shootings give us a valuable opportunity that is often missed in law enforcement. The best teams debrief or critique their events. There is no reason why officers on the street shouldn't be doing the same. These are tough conversations that need to happen.


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