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Why You Need a Weapon Light

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Weapon mounted lights for police officers are essential. If you do not have one attached to your weapon system you must have joined law enforcement in the 90's. Things have change. Spend the money, purchase the holster, and evolve already.

Using a weapon mounted light correctly could be the difference between life or death. That is how serious you should be. There are some very easy and trainable do's and don'ts as it relates to when you should be activating a weapon mounted light. You should be intentional about the use of your weapon mounted light.

Do I need a weapon light?


One of the most common issues you will see is officers shooting with one hand on their pistol. A lot of the time it's because they have a handheld light in their hand. Even more often of the time they have both a weapon mounted light on their pistol and a handheld light in the other. Do you think taking away your support hand is going to assist in accuracy?

Handheld lights are still necessary and have their applications. Why would you need a weapon mounted light? The one obvious reason is that it allows you to grip your pistol with your support hand. Although it can be difficult to maintain your typical grip while activating your weapon light, it is still much better than shooting with one hand.

Traditionally officers are terrible marksman...that's for another post. Officer's misses pale in comparison to their hits on average. Why would shooting one handed, or shooting with a light in your support hand and while attempting to grip your pistol help?

Quite frankly, departments should require officers to have them.

Simply having a weapon light is not the answer. Learning how to use your weapon mounted is. Understanding a few principals on when to activate it and understanding how YOU accomplish that is the key. Quite frankly, often times while reviewing police body cameras, when you see an officer without a weapon light is often a small indication of the type of performance you are about to see.


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