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Assess the risk posed to your home, family, facility, collogues & those you have the responsibility of protecting.

How vulnerable are you?


Most citizens are unaware that they leave themselves open to victimization.

Evaluating risk involves carefully analyzing the probability of specific threats or hazards. This includes the severity; the time location will have to warn occupants about the threat, how long the threat will last, the magnitude and follow on effects. 

A site threat assessment examines the safety, accessibility, and emergency preparedness of commercial or residential structures and its grounds. Our threat assessment includes, but is not limited to, a review of the interior of the location, building access, visibility around the structure/perimeter, and accessibility.

Assessing risks and vulnerabilities allows the client to prioritize the threats and hazards identified and begin implementing ways to mitigate them.

The goal of our threat assessment is to give the clients the information necessary to avoid, prevent, deter, or stop an imminent crime. Our threat assessment allows clients to identify the capabilities necessary to eliminate or reduce the loss of life or damage to their property.

Our threat assessment does not focus on one particular crime. Our threat assessment focuses on the probability of crimes which include but is not limited to, active shooter, burglary, theft, and aggravated robbery.

Kinetic Concepts years of law enforcement and security experience give us the opportunity to share the most current real time crime data with our clients. We have a unique understanding of the criminal behavior, and we know how these individuals, who are sometimes organized, commit these crimes.

Our residential threat assessment extends to our clients beyond the home. We educate and discuss with our client crimes they could be a victim of, most of which they are unaware occur. We give our clients the information they need to identify the likelihood of being victimized before it occurs and what they can expect from a law enforcement response and the investigative process.

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