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High Risk Vehicle Encounter

This course teaches officers how to win a lethal engagement from their vehicle without shooting through their windshield. This tactical training course explores the inconsistencies when shooting through your windshield by managing the officers expectations in a real-world encounter.

We believe tactical training courses that teach officers to shoot through their windshield is setting unrealistic expectations under most real-world circumstances. The results you see on a flat rang when shooting through your windshield is not realistic, and you can't replicate those results on flat range as soon as you add real world variables i.e. movement.
This tactical training course teaches officers how to guarantee hits and win these encounters immediately. The time and place when shooting through your windshield makes sense, is not usually the instances officers are choosing to do this. If you can clear your muzzle the only thing that matters is the fundamentals of marksmanship. Once you understand the process learned in this tactical training course you will have 100% accountability for the rounds you fire and achieve desired results on target.

Tactical Training

(Learn From Our Mistakes)

The average hit percentage on the street sits around 30 percent nationwide. Marksmanship is usually more difficult than conditions you can set on the range. That being said, officers (on average) can't even come close to the minimum range qualification standard which is usually at or above 70 percent. Those outcomes are evident in the vast majority of officer involved shootings, where you see the officer pointing the gun and pulling the trigger, with no regard for implementing the fundamentals of marksmanship.

While marksmanship training has increased over the years, both in quality and frequency, the officers ability to hit on the street has not. 

The problem shouldn't be narrowly focused on marksmanship itself, and rather how to focus on applying what you already know how to do on the range, in a real-life situation.

Exploiting Accuracy is a simunition training course that teaches officers how to focus on marksmanship in high stress, high stimulus situations. We all know the physiological responses to stress are going to happen. The answer isn't how you avoid them, but rather how you work them. 

No amount of range training will guarantee you are successful in a real shooting.

What will get you much closer to a guarantee is repeatedly placing yourself in unfamiliar compromising positions where the number one priority is accountability with gunfire. 

This can only be done through simunition training which gets you as close as possible to the real thing.

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