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All officers have a basic understanding of handguns and should have a strong understanding of handgun safety. Although we pay close attention to these areas, they are not our primary focus in our police handgun course.

Whether or not the officer wins a lethal engagement will solely depend on the officers ability to apply speed and accuracy to hangun marksmanship.

Learning how to apply the fundamentals of marksmanship at speed is what this handgun course is all about.

In order to guarantee hits in vital areas you need to be consistently accurate.

We will demonstrate consistent accuracy and give you the information you need to do the same. We see a lot of officers' wasting money looking for the coolest handgun course available. While never learning how to be fast and accurate consistent shooters.

This handgun course will teach you to dial in your accuracy, then officers will learn the process they need to discover and apply those same fundamentals at high rate of speed.

We offer a variety of tactical training courses for police officers. Our current tactical training courses are Close Quarters Combat (CQB), High Risk Vehicle Encounters, Hostage Rescue/Active Shooter and Hard to Kill.

There hasn't been an original idea in the tactical space in quite a while. Mostly of what you will find out of tactical training courses are different variations of the same information. However, our High Risk Vehicle Encounter tactical training course and Hard to Kill tactical training course are unique and we do not know of anything similar being offered anywhere.


Tactical Training

(Learn From Our Mistakes)

High Risk Vehicle Encounter

Our High Risk Vehicle Encounter class teaches officers how to win a lethal engagement from their vehicle without shooting through their windshield. This tactical training course explores the inconsistencies when shooting through your windshield in order to manage the students expectations.
We believe tactical training courses that teach officers to shoot through their windshield is setting unrealistic expectations under most real-world circumstances. The results you see on a flat rang when shooting through your windshield is not realistic, and you can't replicate those results on flat range as soon as you add real world variables i.e. movement.
This tactical training course teaches officers how to guarantee hits and win these encounters immediately. The time and place when shooting through your windshield makes sense is very seldom. If you can clear your muzzle the only thing that matters is the fundamentals of marksmanship. Once you understand the process learned in this tactical training course you will have 100% accountability for the rounds you fire and achieve desired results on target.

Close Quarters Battle also known as "CQB" is the terminology used to describe the "tactical" way of moving in and around a structure. While being involved in real world engagement while conducting CQB is uncommon it is still a fundamental skill that must be learned by every officer.

Officers are most commonly conducting CQB in a structure with no assailant present. Whether it be alarm calls, warrants, or active shooter situations, your best chances for survival when there is a dedicated shooter will fall on your ability to execute the fundamental principles of CQB.

Our CQB course is no different than any other course offered out there. I would caution you of any other courses claiming as such. The fundamental principles of CQB have not changed in many years. How our CQB course does differ is in the way we deliver the information and mentor the students. 

We encourage open conversations so that students understand the "how" and "why." Often times intelligent conversation with those being trained in the traditional manner is often lost because "this is how we have always done it."

We believe that as tacticians you should be able to select the best tactical option dependent on the situation. There is not a one size fits all approach.


Close Quarters Battle
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