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Police Tactical Training


Current police tactical training is inadequate, and it does not afford officers the opportunity to build tactical skills. Most training that does exist outside the department is catered to those in "advanced" tactical positions.


Brad does do not believe that only specialized units should have access to higher levels of tactical training. Rarely do specialized units arrive first to the most critical incidents.​​

Brad has created courses and curriculums which give officers the information they need to discover their process for arriving at the point where marksmanship matters. It is your responsibility to increase your chances of survival and limit the level of destruction. 

Our unique and detailed tactical training is the most relevant training for police officers. Our training is built from past and present law enforcement critical incidents and specifically focuses the situations officers will likely find themselves involved in.


Brad understands that officers often do not continue training concepts after leaving tactical training courses. In order to mitigate this issue Brad has focused on providing a pathway for officers to continue training themselves on the street once they have the information from the courses.


Brad is the Owner and lead instructor of Kinetic Concepts LLC.

Brad served four years in the Marine Corps Infantry from 2008-2012 and deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

After being discharged from the military in 2012 Brad was employed by First Energy as a nuclear security officer where he was responsible for securing and protecting a Nuclear Facility from radiological sabotage.

Brad has been a police officer in a large, high crime, metropolitan area for 8 years and has served on patrol and tactical teams, conducting pro-active plain clothes investigations which included surveillance and the apprehension of violent criminals.

Brad's tactical team conducted around 40 vehicle containments over a 3-year period. In 2021 Brad was involved in an engagement while conducting a VCT. Through these years of personal experiences Brad developed High Risk Vehicle Encounters and Exploiting Accuracy through proven concepts and practical application in real world scenarios.

Brad completed his bachelors degree in criminal justice and is a certified firearm, simunition and active shooter instructor.

Force on Force Training
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