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Force on Force Training
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Exploiting Accuracy

Exploiting Human Factors Influencing Marksmanship

  • 400 US dollars
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Service Description

This course details the human factors that influence an officers marksmanship ability during a real engagement. Officers will learn how these factors affect their ability to shoot accurately and make decisions. Officers will learn techniques that they can apply in training and in the field that will make deliberate accuracy a priority during high-risk encounters and increase their accountability with gunfire. Training in controlled environments sets unrealistic expectations compared to what an officer can expect to see and feel during an officer involved shooting. These controlled environments is where you master the fundamentals. When you start adding variables that are outside of what is known to the officer, we start to see major deviations in accuracy and decision making. This course is the "why" to the reason officers typically abandon accuracy during critical incidents and the "how" to what you can do to become accountable and guarantee hits in preferred target areas under real stress. Officers get very little if any force-on-force training. Even when officers take part in such training it is likely they will never be the one to pull the trigger. This is your opportunity to push yourself to failure in a training environment, so you don't fail out on the street. Everybody starts somewhere. Equipment: Simunition Pistol (If Available) Simunition Ammo (If Available) (sims will be provided if you do not have your own) Duty Belt Tactical vest or other Patrol Vest Personal Ear Pro (Preferred) Eye Protection (Preferred) The only two items truly required: Duty Vest Duty Belt

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Cancellation Policy

If you cannot make a class session after payment. Your seat will be moved to a future class date. I will attempt to accommodate your schedule when planning.

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