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Cloud Defensive MCH: The Best Handheld Light?

Updated: Sep 9

Elevating Police Performance & Practicality

As a police officer, having a reliable and versatile flashlight is crucial for ensuring safety and optimizing performance during duty hours. In this review, we will explore the Cloud Defensive MCH (Mission Configurable Handheld), an innovative handheld light that brings unique customization options to enhance your duty carry needs. We will highlight the new features and capabilities of the MCH, tailored to meet the unique needs of patrol officers.

Cloud Defensive MCH HC
Cloud Defensive MCH HC


Full Programmability: This means you have complete control over the flashlight's output. With five different modes to choose from, including high-only, low/high, high/low, very low/medium/high, & high/medium/very low, you can customize the lighting to match your specific requirements. The simplicity and intuitiveness of the programming process make it a breeze to adjust the settings as needed.

Streamlined Sizes and Light Heads: The MCH currently comes in the Full Size 18650 The integration of programmable light heads allows for two distinct options: the EDC line, offering higher lumens and lower candela, and the HC line, delivering slightly lower lumens but higher candela. This customization ensures that you can select the ideal configuration based on your specific requirements.

Adjustable Negligent Discharge Protection: Cloud Defensive understands the importance of light...when you need it. The MCH introduces an industry-first and patented Adjustable Negligent Discharge (ND) protection system. Each light is shipped with the full ND protection package, and you can easily configure the tail cap to suit your needs. Whether you prefer deep-pocket carry or need a light that seamlessly integrates with your plate carrier, the MCH offers a duty-grade solution with fully configurable ND protection. This adaptability ensures that your light is always ready to meet your evolving requirements.

Exceptional Candela and Spill: The MCH-HC, part of the MCH lineup, boasts impressive performance with 1100 lumens and a remarkable 80,000 Candela output. This high candela capability enables you to throw light over long distances, ensuring superior situational awareness and enhancing tactical applications. The MCH-HC strikes a perfect balance between a focused beam and usable spill, providing a reliable tool for searching and defensive-oriented daily carry applications.

Run Time: With the 18650 single output option of 80,000 Candela/1,100 Lumens you are looking at a 75 minute run time. Using the two CR123A output option of 70,000 Candela/400 Lumens you are looking at a 70 minute run time.


  1. Limited Battery Compatibility: The introduction of CR123 battery compatibility is a useful addition for emergency situations; however, it results in lower output and shorter run-times compared to rechargeable cells. It would be helpful If Cloud Defensive added a "add extra battery" option while checking out.

  2. Availability of Micro Variant: At the time of writing this review, the Cloud Defensive MCH Micro variant is not yet available. While the Full Size 18650 configuration offers versatility, some patrol officers may prefer a smaller option.

What do we look for when deciding on the best handheld light?

In particular we need to understand the application in which the light will be used. For police officers the handheld light needs to have purpose. Therefore, high power light to search, identify, disorient or distract potential suspects. Low power is also needed for mundane tasks required during the officer's normal tour of duty. Using those criteria alone, you could simply eliminate most other lights from the competition.


The Cloud Defensive MCH offers police officers the versatility needed to conduct their job safely and efficiently. The MCH is truly a handheld light that will cover all the officer's needs. The MCH has the high lumens needed to search for suspects, and to disorient and distract potential suspects at any distance. The versatility of the MCH allows you to configure a much lower setting for instances where there is no risk to the officer's safety, i.e. searching for contraband or other administrative tasks. Being able to use a lower setting saves your lights battery life for when you really need it during high-risk situations.

I am not aware of any light on the market that provides a fully programable, streamline size, adjustable ND protection, and exceptional candela and spill performance, that can be tailored to the individual's needs. We believe that the Cloud Defensive MCH is the best handheld light on the market, particularly for the individual police officers' application.

The MCH is a worthy investment for any patrol officer seeking a reliable, customizable, and high-performance flashlight.

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