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Our own training, law enforcement and military experience allows us to provide unique insight to the best information possible. We provide force on-force training that focuses on providing contextually relevant threats, getting officers as close as possible to the real event.​

Pathway To Capable Individuals


We know that officers who sign up for any course rarely continue training the skill they learned. This can be at no fault to the officer. Realistic training requires role players, a location, and equipment...all things most officers do not have access to. To accommodate this ongoing issue officers will leave our courses with the information they need to begin "training" the skills they learned on duty during real encounters. This is the pathway.



Kinetic Concepts is USMC Veteran and law enforcement owned training company providing scenario-based tactical training courses to police officers. 

HRVE is a scenario-based force on target course designed to prepare officers for lethal engagements from their vehicle.  Officers will learn the fastest way to deliver rounds to the target from their vehicle without sacrificing accountability.

Vehicle Tactics
Vehicle Tactics Training

Exploiting Accuracy is a scenario-based force on force course that teaches officers how to control the emotional side of gun fighting. Officers will learn how to prioritize marksmanship during high stress, high stimulus encounters.

Force on Force Training

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This course is designed for officer to become familiar with the skills required to locate and eliminate an active attacker's ability to harm others. In this course you will spend the majority of the time actually going after the attacker. 

Police foot pursuit training

This course teaches officers how to identify pre-engagement indicators which will allow them to prepare themselves appropriately for an OIS during a foot pursuit. Officers will engage in foot pursuits solo, with a partner, and coordinate follow on responding officers.

Foot Pursuit Training
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