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Firearm Course

train or die

Our lives depend on the detailed application of our tactics and the successful deployment of our weapon systems and yours does to.

Kinetic Concepts training group is owned by a Marine combat veteran and active law enforcement officer who has spent 15 years in the tactical space.

Our instructors are current law enforcement officers who operate on tactical teams within the City of Houston, Texas.


what we do

We provide police officers and civilians with the information they need to dominate violent encounters. If you do not have strong fundamental understanding of pistol marksmanship or tactical training, then you are leaving it to chance.  We offer civilian handgun courses, police firearms courses, police tactical training on the latest and current tactics, and a path to receiving your Texas License to Carry online.

Civilian Training

Basic Handgun Course

License to Carry Online

Police Training

Handgun Courses

Tactical Training

High Risk Vehicle Encounters

Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

Hostage Rescue

Active Shooter

Hard to Kill



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